Cracker Ass Cracker

It’d take awhile to line out all I could be called. beyond the social economic genotype. the short label would be perhaps, redneck hillbilly slice of southern fried country boy with a western swing. add all my travels and sought influences towards tolerance, I find strength in our diversity that seems less and less measurable on the inside. Couple all the missed marks measured by set stigmas from an age old agenda established to keep us common folk at odds is now being re-gauged by Free Thinkers all around us in our World today, challenging precepts that in times past were censored, be it by the state or dogma sloped at the troughs disguised with a feel good smell smothered in self-righteousness, the aroma callusing empathy for any whose palates are different than than what makes their taste buds tingle, or so it seems to me. As for me, I’m having the High Nigga Pie, da Kind is my kinda Budz, care to join me? Bon Appetite

Psychopaths In Charge

Back in the late 90s, my husband (then boyfriend) and I lived in an Apartment on Alice Street in Oakland California. There was an elderly gentleman who lived on the top floor and each time he would pass us in the hall or on the sidewalk, we would hear him say, “Cracker ass cracker.” To this day, it remains a memory that we both laugh about. Admittedly, it was much funnier to my husband, who is a full-blood American Indian, originally from the mid-west. Our elderly, black neighbor nailed me before I even knew what I was. I am a cracker and proud of it.
Although it has become a term frequently used by black people to refer to white people, the term cracker was originally used by wealthy, white Southerners to make poor, white Southerners feel inferior and themselves, superior. Cracker originally referred to the poor, white Southerners, frequently…

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